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Vegetarian food in America

Newcomers Food Guide

This is a BIG question to those who are ….

  • Planning to visit America.

  • Vegetarian and thinking where to shop for pure vegetarian food in America

  • Working professionals who have recently moved to America.

  • Studying at a US university and don’t know how to cook

Well, we have got all the answers for you. If you are  newcomer or are planning to visit America, then there is no need to panic.

This country consists of immigrants - every year thousands of students and working professionals come from all over the world. In the beginning you may feel lost in this new world but you will be amazed when you realize that everything is available here.You just have to know where to go to find the right things.

When you plan to visit America, many questions can arise in your mind. Despite all of the modern world facilities and internet access, you might be anxious to know more about the U.S. You are probably wondering what the cities and people will really be like...? You may also get anxious about the availability of proper food. Parents of students who are leaving their homes in India, are probably even more nervous about what their children will be able to eat in a foreign country.

Most of the problems are faced by vegetarians. It is difficult to find vegetarian food because in almost everything, there is some type of non-vegetarian item - for example, most soups are made with chicken broth, eggs can be found in many salads, and meat is commonly found in pizza. This is the reason you should carefully read the ingredients listed on the food packaging before purchasing products from the grocery store.

Even if you find vegetarian food, many times, you may find that it tastes very bland.

Most people know little about the types of foods available in other countries. It is even more difficult to read and understand the labels on foods. You may find that most food items have non-vegetarian ingredients.

You should learn how to avoid non-vegetarian food, for example: restaurants may serve eggs and seafood as a part of their vegetarian menu.

For many students such hardship especially in food is a shocking experience which may adversely impact their studies.

Let me give you a brief description of the markets in America :

Sams Club
Sam's Club: Sam's Club is a bit special because it's typically a wholesaler chain. Only members can shop at Sam's Club. They charge membership fee per year and you will get a club card. Some of the quantities you have to buy at Sam's Club have a minimum, but most of the items you can buy without any restrictions. You can buy food, electronics, home improvement, practically everything. They have great prices.
costco Costco: It is a wholeseller just like Sam's Club. It has a yearly membership fee with card access and offer quality products at good prices.
Kroger: It is an American retail supermarket chain .Kroger had a number of outlets in the Western Pennsylvania region, encompassing Pittsburgh and surrounding areas.The products available here are good and very reasonable. Most of the approximately one hundred initial products contain zero grams of trans fat and include food offerings such as yogurts, breakfast foods, and kid-size packages of fresh fruits.
Stop & Shop
Stop & Shop : The Stop & Shop Supermarket Company is a chain of supermarkets located mostly in New England. Stop & Shop also has numerous in-house brands and vairous luxury foods at affordable prices.
Roche bros
Roche Bros
Roche Bros. : Roche Bros. Supermarkets operates more than a dozen grocery stores under the Roche Brothers and Sudbury Farms banners in Massachusetts. Besides traditional supermarket fare, Roche Bros. stores have in-store chefs to prepare ready-to-serve meals, as well as specialty bakery, floral departments.

Shaw's: Along with sister store, Star Market, is a wholly owned subsidiary of Eden Prairie, Minnesota-based Supervalu. The company is presently the second largest grocery group in the northeast United States, the largest being Stop & Shop.


Albertsons: Large food and grocery shopping chain. They are present on the West coast. They have a quite unique offer: you can shop for groceries online and they will send you the food home for free.