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  Jain Food:
Compassionate and Healthy Cooking

$14.95 per book 

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Special Features of the Book

  • 176 pages Hard cover

  • color pictures and intricate art designs

  • Over 80 recipes by Tarla Dalal and Laxmi Jain

  • Simple Flow diagrams to assist first time cooks

  • Detailed glossery of Hindi terms

  • A Jain Food pyramid

  • Health benefits of a Jain-vegetarian diet - speciallay for heart disease, cancer

  • Jain ways to reduce weight - spiritual and physical approach to a better heart, mind and soul

  • Food to prepare on Jain Festivals

  • How to decide what to eat - with so many contemporary food choices


  • Tables on the hidden nonvegetarian items in supermarket items and restaurant foods



The Jain diet is wholesome, nutritious and healthy. Jainism has contributed tremendously to the cause of compassion and nonviolence in the world today. This book is another example of how Jains throughout the world continue to practice their compassion for all life.
Deepak Chopra, Author and Founder of Chopra Center in Carlsbad, Californi

Ahimsa, popularly known as nonviolence, is also translated to mean love. It enjoins on people to be imbued with compassion and respect for all. This book is about compassionate eating and nourishing recipes.
Arun Gandhi , Founder and President, M. K. Gandhi Institute for Nonviolence; grandson of Mahatma Gandhi

The Jain tradition laid the deep-rooted scientific and philosophical foundation of a Vegetarian Way of Life. This book takes readers to the core philosophy, the basic science, the fundamental health tenets and the recipes of Jain Food. The book opens many doors and illumines many horizons for humanity everywhere.
L.M. Singhvi , Formerly India’s High Commissioner in the U.K.

Life’s simplest and most profound lessons can be learned from Jain philosophy. This book explains the essential link between Jain philosophy and day-to-day Jain food habits.
Dipak Jain , Dean, Kellogg School of Business

The idea of reverence for all life and hence vegetarian living is at the heart of Jain philosophy. Jainism emphasizes not only knowledge but also practice. The authors have done an invaluable service by writing this wonderful book. I encourage not only Jains but all apostles of Ahimsa to support their heartfelt endeavor. Love and Blessings
Chitrabhanu, Spiritual leader of Jain Community in North America



Manoj Jain, MD is a physician and a national leader in healthcare quality improvement. He has co-authored several cookbooks and many scientific articles on health, nutrition and spirituality. He lives with his wife and three children in Memphis, Tennessee.

Laxmi Jain lectures on Indian cuisine and the benefits of a vegetarian diet. She has numerous articles, cookbooks, and cooking shows to her credit. She lives in Boston, Massachusetts and Indore, India.

Tarla Dalal is India’s best-selling cookery author for over three decades with over 60 titles to her name. All her cookbooks are distinctly vegetarian. Her cooking show is aired weekly on Sony Entertainment Television.